Mission Vission

Team Management / Leadership

Our MD and CEO, Mr. C. S. Prasad is a lawyer and a graduate in Science. This unique combination has given him an in-depth understanding of the Drug Regulatory works because he is able to understand the technicalities of the medical drugs and products along with the legal aspects of the regulatory domain. This has made him technically and legally a very sound person. After completing his LLB, he practiced as an attorney and got field level experience of more than 15 years in regulatory works & custom clearance works for various companies.

Subsequently, in 2007 he established his own company under the flag of Accredited Consultants Pvt. Ltd (ACPL). The success story of ACPL started taking shape with the dedication and knowledge under his leadership and guidance. By the end of the year 2020, ACPL had provided more than 1000 successful registrations of medical devices /drugs, numerous import licenses in Form-10, Form-11, NOC for Import & Export, and NOC for products for the dual-use purpose.         


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