India entry strategy consulting


Our India Market Entry Consulting Division is formed to support market entry and business expansion of foreign companies into India. Our experienced consultants provide end-to-end support to companies, in addressing various challenges of the Indian markets.

India is one of the largest democracies in the world with a diverse set of customer preferences. It offers ample opportunities to the companies wishing to enter. We offer expertise to devise, implement India entry strategy to foreign companies planning to start business in India.

Our range of services includes Market Research & Feasibility Study, India Entry Strategy, Business strategy and Business set up in any legal form. We also offer our expertise to set up Distribution network, finding strategic partners.



  1. Marker Research & Feasibility study
The Market Research and Feasibility study is a compiling of all the information. It helps international companies to take informed business decisions about entering India and doing business in India. The report includes:
  • Market potential
  • Demand forecast
  • Value chain analysis
  • Competitor profiles
  • Channel analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Regulatory environment mapping
  • Entry barrier analysis
  • Cost driver analysis

The report gives a clear understanding of the market opportunities that exist.

  1. Distributor/Partner search
Finding the right partner, distributor or supplier is crucial. We will identify, develop and manage these local relationships to ensure they continue to add value and operate effectively.
  • Identifying and developing new partners/customers/distributors
  • Identifying new suppliers
  • Maintaining and progressing local relationships with distributors, customers and suppliers.
  • Prioritise the best companies for you – our expert team build your desired shortlist.
  • Access your chosen decision makers – enjoy high level qualified connections


  1. Business Plan

Once the market research and feasibility study phase are over, we can than assist with creating a robust business plan as by now we know that the market is attractive from the demand point of view but would it make financial sense to enter into the market, how much investment is required to start a Greenfield facility, would the investment generate expected ROI, what product mix we should have, what distribution channel to go with. Depending on our client’s goals, risk appetite, investment size, we prepare a full-fledge business plan which includes products and services, financial planning, marketing strategy and analysis, financial planning, and a budget.


  1. Legal entity incorporation


  • Advise on right type of legal entity

This is the most critical point to be considered while entering in India. Type of legal entity should be in alignment with your short term and long-term plans. Various types of legal entity options include Liaison office, Branch Office, Project Office, Joint venture, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company etc.

  • Incorporation of legal entity

Once the decision is made about the right type of legal entity, our team of experts will initiate the incorporation process. In India, the documentation requirement during incorporation time is usually quite huge and we’ll help you to sail through this stage with ease and peace of mind.


  1. Recruitment of India team

Our expertise across our focus Industry sectors gives us an advantage over others to identify better candidates and to attract & retain them better.

Recruitment is simple if carried out with basic fundamentals and diligence. Some of the basic questions we are passionate about in our hiring approach are:

  • Is their potential in the person?
  • Is the person ready?
  • Is the person willing?
  • Does the person have good listening skills and other necessary skills?
  • Do we see all the above clearly in him or her?





  1. Starting-Pad


Under this unique service we can recruit, employ and manage a dedicated India consultant that works on your behalf, and to an objective set by you. Carrying your business forward and, you retain complete control of your annual budget spend.


We provide administrative services so that your India employee can focus only on sales and leave all these administrative challenges for us. We provide

  • Modern office Space
  • IT support.
  • Compliance with all Government regulations.
  • Administration, Book keeping and Accounting.
  • Payroll management for employees.
  • Healthcare insurance and Provident Fund management.
  • Business Advice to help you grow the business.
  • HR Services.







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